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Graduation Celebrations at Poogan’s Courtyard

Updated: May 1, 2021

Whether it’s a college or high school graduation, when there is a diploma involved, a celebration is in order.

Whether it’s a college or high school graduation, when there is a diploma involved, a celebration is in order. Graduation parties are special because they commemorate years of hard work and success, and help usher in a new era of endeavors. This accomplishment also serves as a way for friends, families, and entire communities to come together and celebrate. To simplify the planning, host a graduation party at Poogan’s Courtyard and check out a few of our party planning pointers.

Settle on a date.

Because most graduation parties typically fall within the same month, it’s important to schedule early. Once you book your party at Poogan’s Courtyard, our venue coordinator will help you with all other details, from staff to service.

Go in as a group to rent the venue and cover costs.

Celebrate your grad and all of their friends by joining forces with other parents to help plan and pay for the party. Simplify your life by sourcing your venue and catering from Poogan’s Courtyard and make splitting the costs a breeze. In addition, the guest lists within friend groups tend to have a lot of overlap, so make it easy on your guests and yourselves by planning one big party.

Determine options for entertainment.

Whether you’re looking to set up games on the patio area or to book a musician for the party, Poogan’s Courtyard is no stranger to hosting entertainment. The recommended duration of graduation parties is three to five hours, so you’ll want something to hold your guest’s interest, and plenty of seating to keep them comfortable.

Personalize the party for the Guests of Honor.

Your graduate should be proud of all they’ve accomplished, and your party should celebrate their achievements. Personalizing the party with photo boards, and other memorabilia will make your grad feel like one in a million. Consider crafting DIY centerpieces that can be made as celebration mementos and used as give-aways after the event for the Guest(s) of Honor.

Focus on the food.

Aside from celebrating the graduate, food is what guests tend to care about. At Poogan’s Courtyard we have a menu that is sure to impress anyone on your invite list. Our catering covers all bases, from brunch to dessert and everything in between. For a graduation party we recommend our wide variety of stationed hors d’oeuvres and buffet meals so attendees can enjoy whenever they please.

Contact us or book a tour to learn more about our downtown Charleston venue and let’s start planning a graduation celebration to remember!

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